Semi Off Road

Semi Off Road Caravans

  New Age Caravans' Off Road Range is specifically designed for the more adventurous travellers, loaded with features and technology to accommodate those extended trips away from the crowds. If you are craving tranquillity, open plains and starry nights, the Off Road Range contains the idea model, so get out and start creating your own adventure! Each caravan is tailor designed to suit off road conditions and get you through a range of different weather conditions. Whether you’re winding your way through snowy mountains, exploring the outback or discovering new coastal adventures, a New Age caravan will get you there. Manufactured with optimum precision, each vehicle is designed to sail through even the most difficult of off-road conditions. Our cost-effective caravans are state of the art and are regularly serviced to ensure you’re receiving quality each time you drive. We take pride in offering premium quality vehicles that meet all the road safety regulations in Australia, and state-by-state.

What sets New Age Caravans apart?

Since 2008, we have provided Australian caravaners with the best off road vehicles from our manufacturing bases in Victoria. Purchase from a certified dealership, centrally located in Melbourne and throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our dealership locations are conveniently located as a starting point for any off road trip. With a New Age Caravan on your next big adventure, you’ll be set to enjoy the best of the great outdoors and get the most out of your trip. Whether you’re going for a week or taking a tour around the country, you’ll be able to find the best caravan for you.   From the start of the booking process to the very end, we provide exceptional service so you don’t have to stress about identifying the right vehicle for you. We help to account for all of your travelling requirements and match them to a vehicle that will help you get the most out of your trip. This service includes roadside assistance and repairs, in the off chance you get stuck while on the road. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be covered, no matter where in Australia you end up.

Ready to get started?

Contact one of our friendly customer service officers for more information or to receive a free, custom-made quote. We’ll talk you through your options and help you select the off road vehicle for your exact needs.

17FT Big Red Ensuite Rear Entry


  • Full Rear Ensuite
  • Ceramic Toilet
  • 28" Smart TV
  • Front Loader Washing Machine

18FT Desert Rose Ensuite


  • BBQ
  • Stone Guard
  • Full Underbody Armour
  • Air Conditioner

20FT Desert Rose Ensuite Series 2


  • BBQ
  • Stone Guard
  • Reverse Camera
  • Double Electric Step